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We offer you a full range of services in the field of surface and corrosion protection, including development of our own products, expertise with rope access technology and provision of temporary personnel.

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The challenge here is to find the optimal protection system. Whether dealing with wind turbines, offshore substations, large gas absorbers in power plants or landing stages on the coast – these and other such objects are constantly exposed to wind, weather, water, waste heat and other adverse factors.

The corrosion that results is a natural process that cannot be stopped. However, by correctly applying suitable protective measures, the process can be slowed down considerably, and this minimises the risk of further damage.

As surface protection experts, we are your partner for all services related to corrosion and surface protection. We work together with you to find solutions and ideas to increase the service life and efficiency of your turbine.

Our range of services

  • Assessment, planning, concepts, development and design
  • Assembly and installation
  • Service and maintenance
  • Inspection and testing
  • Project and quality management

Our expertise in surface protection

  • SuperCleanox stainless steel cleaning and preservation
  • FRP components (e.g. rotor blades, wind turbine nacelles)
  • Flange connections (tower/tower and tower/foundation) – including the Zereon Concrete Power Seal system
  • Manual surface cleaning and blasting processes
  • All work associated with rope access technology
  • GWO Blade Repair Standard
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