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We offer you a full range of services in the field of surface and corrosion protection, including development of our own products, expertise with rope access technology and provision of temporary personnel.

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As a member of FISAT, we can bring to your projects our knowledge and experience in the field of rope access technology.

For wind turbines, offshore substations, radio and transmitter masts, wherever there is a need for working at heights, in areas with a falling risk or in shafts, there is also always the need for technical expertise, experience and appropriate training. This is exactly where we come in.

Our range of services

  • Assessment and documentation of existing assembly and disassembly work
  • Advice on the selection of optimal access systems and anchor points from our experienced installation managers or FISAT Level 3 rope access technicians
  • Assembly and disassembly work carried out by experienced technicians/rope access technicians using all the necessary protection and access plans

Our expertise in installation/rope access technology

  • Internal and external inspection of rotor blades including measurement of lightning protection
  • Day and night-time marking of wind turbines
  • Assembly work for concrete tower construction, such as assembly of the lattice tower and insertion of the power cable
  • Climbing of steel structures, inspecting, fastening, checking torques
  • Installation of cameras, sprinkler systems, smoke detection systems, etc.
  • Cleaning (glass cleaning for railway stations, reduction of fire load through removal of dust, etc.)
  • Elimination of traffic hazards, installation of nets


Mitglied im Bundesverband Korrosionsschutz
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